"Jeremy Kingsley is one of the
best speakers in the country.
His humor, dramatic flair, and natural ability combined with a true passion
to help people set him apart."

- Adrian Despres, Vice President - KBM

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  • A New Corporate Crisis: Lack of Loyalty

    Lack of loyalty is a serious problem in organizations everywhere today. No longer do people join a company and devote the rest of their working lives to it.

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  • 7 Surprising Ways To Motivate
    Millennial Workers

    There are an estimated 80 million young Americans who belong to the so-called millennial generation, roughly ages 18 to 35. By next year, they are expected to comprise 36% of the U.S. workforce, and by 2020, millennials will be nearly half of all workers.

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  • Purpose Must Be a Priority at the Top

    As the leader of your team, you must clearly understand and be able to pass on the purpose of your organization and your team's role within that organization...

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