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Be Where You Are

We’re constantly surrounded by reminders to look and plan ahead, to play the long game, to think strategically about where we want to be in five years while also preparing for retirement. That kind of planning is important to building a successful career, without question. But there’s also something to be said for focusing on the here and now.

Be Where You Are1

The concept of mindfulness, focusing and conscious awareness of the present moment is very important. It’s been found to not only make you more productive but also have health benefits ranging from reduced stress to lower blood pressure.

“Please Close the Door”: Dealing with Difficult Employee Conversations

When most of us think about leadership, we see ourselves empowering people, bringing them together, inspiring your team to do great work. And certainly those high points make the calling to leadership feel fulfilling.


But, as with any field, there are elements that are more challenging to get through.