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Great Goal – Great Plan.

Even though the “usual” order of things is supposed to involve parents teaching their children, I’m surprised at how often the reverse is true.

8_27_JK Post

When my 14-year-old son, Jaden, decided that he wanted to compete in the Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships  (3000M) and be the #1 runner on the high school cross country team as a freshman, they didn’t feel like entirely impossible goals—he’s a talented runner who made the varsity track team as a seventh grader—but even for such a gifted athlete it was certainly ambitious.

8 Ways Great Leaders Keep Great People

If you’re like most leaders, you work hard to put together the best possible team. Finding not just the right skills but the right person—someone who’s productive, knowledgeable, and a good fit with your other team members and organizational culture—is a gratifying experience.


But whether your dream team is fully in place or still a work in progress, it’s important to remember that retaining great staffers is at least as important as recruiting them. Not only is turnover hard on employee morale and short-term capacity, but searches, hires, and onboarding are time-consuming and expensive processes. And there’s always an element of risk when you bring in someone new.